The Optimum Free Throw Angle has been discovered, this is the angle at which the Free Throw shot is released that results in the highest probability that the shot will go in.

Free Throw Shooting Form

After much Analysis of the technique of the best Free Throw Shooters in the world, the formula for Free Throw success has been discovered; it is as follows:

  • A Free Throw Angle of 52 degrees upon the release of the shot.
  • A backspin of atleast 3 revolutions per second
  • a trajectory aiming for an area 7 centimeters (2.8 inches) behind the center of the basket, toward the back of the rim.

In General, the more backspin the on the Free Throw shot, the better, as the backspin reduces the force of the Rebound if the Ball makes contact with the rim, causing it to stay closer to the Basket and being more likely to go in.

The reason for aiming for the area just before the back of the rim is based on Human Error. All but the best shooters are more likely to make a straight on shot aiming for this area, rather than the exact center of the Basket.

The Free Throw Angle of 52 degrees upon the shot’s launch minimises the velocity of the ball. This results in a lower chance of a rebound which misses the basket.

Unfortunately we don’t all have the high-tech gear to measure our precise Free Throw Angle’s, Shot Velocity, Shot Placement, and Backspin.

There is an easier way though, by practicing so that the ball is level with the top of the backboard during peak of your Free Throw shot’s arc, you can achieve close to this 52 degree Free Throw Angle, and this method will work no matter how tall the player shooting the Free Throw is.

With this knowledge, Free Throw excellence is only a step away, and that step, is practice.